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Ready to start your healing journey? Here is what our session will look like... 

If you have been dealing with depression, anxiety, health challenges, self-limiting beliefs or unhealthy patterns in your life and you are looking for relief and help to bring your life to a healthier level, you're in the right place. Breathwork can help you connect to a healthier and happier while bringing more clarity to your life. Clarity Breathwork allows your body to release stress and trauma from the nervous system.


We’ll start by learning about you, your family, your health, your concerns, wants and desires. We can discuss what you would like to change and your intention for your session.


You will lay down comfortably in a safe space. You will start breathing. A soft connected circular breath, (don’t worry – you can’t do this wrong! I’ll guide you through the process). In a few minutes you will start having sensations in your body.  Everybody is different with each session. I’ll be right next to you to help you process what ever comes up for you during your session.

Once you are done with the breathing, your body, mind, soul, and emotions, will feel different and you may like to discuss them. You will have my undivided attention to help you integrate and process every feeling, emotion, and/or spiritual experience you just had. This integration part is very important for you to move past trauma and gain clarity for the present.

It is recommended to have at least 10 sessions to allow a deep change to take place. Each session is very important to create momentum for a lasting and huge shift in your life.

Sessions can be scheduled every week and/or as needed.

ZOOM Group and One On One Session also available upon request.




US $175


5 One on One 2-hour sessions

US$ 750 (savings of $125)

Let’s work on your growth and development using energy healing techniques that you can apply un your everyday life.


*This package includes ONE 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session.



10 One on One 2-hour sessions

US$1400 (savings of $350)

Let’s explore Breathwork to clear and balance your energy centers for a more connected, healthier and happier you.


*This package includes TWO 30 minute Infrared Sauna Sessions.


10-12 people. A safe environment to share and breathe together. This is a beautiful way to use the powerful group energy of healing with the breath. It is also beautiful to feel the collective healing.

Contact for Fee


If you feel you need a more intimate session, we can have a session in your house. Having a session with your partner and/or your children is a very powerful modality to use the breath to heal ancestral traumas. 

Contact for fee. 

*DISCLAIMER*The contents of this site are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition. If you suffer from any serious condition you should check with your medical practitioner prior to breathing with us.

The breath style we use is not advised for conditions such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, acute heart conditions, epilepsy, or delicate pregnancy. Likewise, if you are on any medications you are advised to seek medical counsel prior to joining us. 
If you do have any of the above conditions, please let us know. There are other breath patterns that may be more suitable for you, and you are always welcome in our community. 

Breathe For Healing is not responsible for any adverse effects resulting from your use of or reliance on an information contained in this site.

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