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What people are saying about working with gladys... 

"I recently experienced my first breathwork session and was lucky enough to be under the loving guidance of Gladys. Words cannot begin to describe this experience. My heart has been cracked open. I have never felt so held, so loved and so trusting. Gladys truly is exceptional. She takes a breathwork session beyond what could ever be expected. She is a master at holding space and does so with a quiet reverence that permeates space and time. I am forever grateful to Gladys for being a guide through this journey. She is a treasure to the world."

 - Hayley Kelly

   Clinical Psychologist

   Sydney, Australia

"Gladys is genuinely sincere, committed and loving. I found my work with her to be very emotionally supportive and insightful."  - Diane D.

"An amazing experience, helped me release anxiety and feel as thought a weight was lifted off my shoulders."

 - Jenny.



"It was amazing to learn how to breath to relieve anxiety and stress." - Laura. 

"Breathwork was such an amazing and new experience for me. I found once I embraced the process it was effortless and I was left with a feeling of calm and lightness." - Alma.

"Life changing! Such a empowering feeling to be able to release trauma you didn't realize was stored. Thank you Gladys!"

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